Pregnancy & Alcohol: Should Doctors Ask?

“I drank socially,” our son’s birth mom told us. “But as soon as I found out I was pregnant, I quit.”  She tells me this while sipping a glass of wine and eating a caesar salad at dinner. We had just met.  She chose us to be her unborn baby’s parents, and I was slow…

3 Ways to Thrive as an FASD Parent

Get informed, get support, and take it day to day. These three strategies separate the FASD families that don’t make it from the ones who do, according to a 2016 study that examined the practices of eighty-four parents and caregivers who are raising a child with FASD. A team of Canadian researchers asked the question,…

A Welcome Note from Ancient Mama

We weren’t adapting. We brought home a blond, blue-eyed newborn boy, and it suddenly felt as if a tornado had made its way into our small house, upending any sense of normalcy. We were parents already, so we knew to expect some level of chaos from the arrival of a baby. But this was different.

It took us many months to realize that he was different.