Baby Shower Games New Parents Actually Need

I kind of hate baby shower games. None of them truly prepare you for parenthood. When I go to a shower that I suspect will have loads of games, I strategically arrive almost two hours late so as to avoid them. And you know what? They are usually still playing them!  Before I know it,…

An Open Letter to the Friends We Invite for Dinner

We really like you. That’s why we invited you to dinner at our house. If you asked around even just a little, you know that we’ve only done this three times in the past year. Which makes it four times total since we adopted two babies, really close in age. Essentially since we adopted twins….

A Welcome Note from Ancient Mama

We weren’t adapting. We brought home a blond, blue-eyed newborn boy, and it suddenly felt as if a tornado had made its way into our small house, upending any sense of normalcy. We were parents already, so we knew to expect some level of chaos from the arrival of a baby. But this was different.

It took us many months to realize that he was different.