About Ancient Mamas

Ancient Mamas is for old souls, parents who feel old, parents who in fact are old, and anyone who loves non-typical kids and is searching for ways to be good for them.

About the Writer

I’m a 40-something mom of two adopted kids whose womb lives were less than squeaky clean. They aren’t old enough to understand what this means, and I’d rather they find out from me, so for now I am anonymous. Rest assured, I am a very real mama, perpetually in need of a vacation, who hopes to share a bit of what she’s learned in this crash course style parenting.  After a few years of big city living and some IVF failures, we packed our lives into some boxes and moved way out west and kept going, looking for a fresh start. Things I do to make it all work: I ride my bike, read books, invent slow cooker recipes and cocktails, go on hikes, hang out with my awesome spouse, and wear noise cancelling headphones.  I teach college, and so I spend hours reading through academic journals, and ancient mamas was born out of a desire to share some of the interesting and helpful things I find there. Raising a kid who was exposed to alcohol and another who was exposed to drugs is no joke, and I learned quickly that I couldn’t do it alone. But I am far from home, so I opened up my laptop and started to find the information and the people that made sense of things and gave me some hope. My hope is that ancient mamas can give you the wisdom and support you need, and possibly even the occasional good laugh. I’m glad you’re here. Connect with me at ancientmamas@gmail.com.